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Super Slash Bros!

More Slash Than You Can Shake a Magic Wand At

Super Smash Bros. Slash & Femmeslash
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Fanworks for Super Smash Bros. slash & femmeslash
Hey there Smashers!

What's Going On Here?
This community is dedicated to slash (yaoi, shonen-ai, homosexual) and femmeslash (yuri, shoujo-ai, lesbian) fanworks of Nintendo's Super Smash Bros game series. If homosexuality or that sort of thing bothers you, then I suggest clicking the back button.

What About the Kids?
This community contains mature content. If that offends you or you're not capable of handling it, then please don't look. We don't take responsibility for what you may see. Smashers, ye be warned.

1. Play nice with everyone. The internet really doesn't need anymore drama on it, does it?

2. Please use LJ cuts if you're posting a long fic or a big piece of art! Otherwise it just messes up people's friend's lists and is generally kind of obnoxious.

3. No spam! This means no advertisements that haven't been cleared with the mods, no off-topic posts, no nothin' that's not related to Super Smash Bros.

4. Both slash (homosexual) and femmeslash (lesbian) content will be posted here.

5. Have fun!