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Aug. 8th, 2009


may i join?

may i join this community..?
I have been posting entries and no one is replying back..
if you guys don't want me here I'll leave this community..

Aug. 7th, 2009


Rainy Days (Pike Fanfic)





Who would one imagine that love would be the trick to overcome your fears?Collapse )


Title: Rainy Days
It a oneshot with Ike and Pit

warning it does contain mature subject matter and yoai...


pardon if the lj-cut was unsuccessful, could anyone of you teach me how...

reviews are welcomed

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Aug. 3rd, 2009


Please love me {Chapter Two}

Hello! This is the second chapter of the Marth x Ike story.
Summary : Link is in love with Marth and won´t let him go. Ike is also in love with him. Ike is willing to do anything. Marth has to choose and things gets really messed up. Then he sees what kind of person Link really is and what kind of person Ike really is.
Warnings : Yaoi
Please love me Chapter twoCollapse )

Jul. 27th, 2009


Frozen Last Kiss {Ike/Marth Fanfiction}

Title : Frozen Last Kiss
Warnings : Yaoi
Summary : Marth has bad memories which is still haunting him. Ike is the only one he trust right now. Everytime Ike isn´t with him,he´s feeling bad and the memory is much more clearer without Ike by his side but Ike can´t be with him forever and ever which Marth expects him to be because of a thing which may stop them from expressing their real love to eachother. 

Frozen last kissCollapse )

Jun. 15th, 2009

Buddah and Jesus 2 - Hugs


Yellow Scarves & Black Boots - Chapter 9 (SSBB Fic)

OK, I forgot to add this chapter last week, so, there! Have fun!

Chapter Title: Time Out
Word Count: 758
Rating: R (for later chapters)
Author's Notes: Still no beta, no more violence and we are getting to the slashy bits, I promise!
Summary and Warnings: Well, apparently, Snake can't play anymore. Oh boy... Also, this chapter is short, but it's important.

( Why, hello Dr. Mario! )

Jun. 11th, 2009



So Many F-ing Fics it's not even funny anymore.
None are finished yet xcept present.

Title: Blizzard
Rating: K
Character: Roy Marth
Pairing: none

Title: Seperation
Rating: K, though a bit angsty, but a happy ending
Character: Roy Marth
Pairing: Marth Roy

Title: Sweet as M&Ms
Rating: K+
Character: Marth Ike
Pairing: ikeMarth

title: Love in school
Rating: M
Character: Marth Ike Link Pit Roy
Pairing: IkeMarth LinkRoyPit

Title; Present
Rating: M
Character: Roy Pit
Pairing: RoyPit

Title: Switched
Rating: K
Character: Marth Pit
Pairing: None

Title Fight For You
Character: ?
Pairing: yes
Rating: K

Title: Stupid Royals
Character: Pit, Marth, Roy
Pairing: Marth Roy
Rating: K+

I have more but i'm lazy.



Here I come! little miss WTFery! I found this and though, why the heck not? READY OR NOT (which you're most likely not) HERE I COME!!!

Jun. 7th, 2009

Buddah and Jesus 2 - Hugs


Yellow Scarves & Black Boots - Chapter 8

After another gigantic break, I come bearing another chapter of this lovely fic o' mine. It took me that long because I suck at fighting scenes, really.

Chapter Title: Clash
Word Count: 1,640
Rating: R (for later chapters)
Author's Notes: Still no beta, moar violence and poorly narrated fighting scenes! YEAH!
Summary and Warnings: Careful where you punch. It might be dangerous.

( Now, now, you don't need to kill each other, right? Well, too late... )

May. 27th, 2009


For your consideration...

Hi. My name is Ry. I'm new to this community, but not to SSB fandom. I generally play with Marth or Pit, occasionally Metaknight and sometimes Link or Ike. But mostly I watch my girlfriend kick ass at it. :3

Anyway, I humbly offer this little oneshot to the fandom gods and hope they find it favourable. Feel free to comment, I'm a writer by trade so I'm used to criticism. Thanks.

Fiducia - An Ike/Pit OneshotCollapse )

Apr. 28th, 2009

Marth Lucky Star


Lamented Delusion - Ganondorf/Ike Slavery

Hey guys.
So, my first entry to the community. I hope it's not that bad as I think it is and please, enjoy. I'm certainly not an Ike hater, (Heck, I love him) but this does contain Ike abuse and disturbing themes.
I hope you survive. xD

Word Count: 867
Rating: (I'm not used to all these American letter ratings so I'll just say very mature? xD)
Summary: His words were crafted like a spider's silken web, luring the oblivious fly to its demise. If only Ike wasn't so blind for the power to love a prince, he wouldn't have fooled himself into slavery. GanondorfxIke, One-sided IkeMarth.
Warnings: Captivity, bondage, non-con, and something else a little more disturbing.

I hope you survive-Collapse )</div>

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